Waverley Private Hospital (Waverley) has been operating since 1972 and is located in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria. Waverley is also a part of the global healthcare company Ramsay Health Care (Ramsay).

Waverley pride themselves on providing an excellent standard of care in a friendly and personable environment. They’re also fully accredited by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards (ACHS), a national accreditation body that ensures hospitals provide the highest standard of service.


Ramsay wanted to enhance the birth experience at Waverley by establishing a brand-new Early Parenting Centre, giving parents-to-be the sense of comfort and luxury.

The centre encompasses 6 private rooms, separate baby pods, intimate baby bathing areas, an education room and dining facilities with a picturesque view of the local Scotchmans Creek Trail.

Existing areas of Waverley remained fully operational during the build. For Ramsay, it was imperative those areas of the hospital were not disrupted throughout the build.

waverley hallway


Ramsay engaged Baxter Projects (Baxter) for the design and construction of the Early Parenting Centre, in a separate wing to the current hospital setting.

To guarantee building works had no intrusion on Waverley’s operational environment, before any construction started Baxter completed a hazardous material audit. The team then installed temporary hoardings in relevant areas to control and mitigate dust and noise output.

Following on, Baxter conducted an existing condition report to identify and upgrade requirements, including electrical and service provision checks. This ensured only the highest quality equipment was utilised during the build, complementing the deluxe feel Ramsay wanted to achieve.

In regard to the centre design, Baxter provided Ramsay with detailed drawings for approval and modification throughout the project. This meant Ramsay was completely up to date at all stages of the build.

Due to the number of stakeholders involved in the project, Baxter kept an open line of communication with all parties through weekly meetings and timely distribution of significant outcomes.


Baxter created a brand-new Early Parenting Centre at Waverley while existing areas of the hospital remained operational and unaltered. The centre offers parents a relaxing and comforting sanctuary during such a joyful time in their lives.

“Baxter Projects were great to deal with. Their designs were well thought through and included everything that we wanted in the Early Parenting Centre. During the construction phase, they made sure that no dust or noise disturbed our patients, allowing the hospital to keep operating”.

– Waverley Private Hospital
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