Vascular Laser Clinic (VLC) is owned and operated by Peter Y. Milne. Mr. Milne is a vascular laser surgery specialist with over 40 years’ experience, he currently operates in a number of respected hospitals throughout Victoria.

Mr. Milne recently opened his own practice, VLC, located in Malvern, Victoria: A clinic where patients can exclusively see Mr. Milne for his vascular surgery expertise.


Mr. Milne wanted to create a high-end medical clinic at his Malvern location that encapsulated his experience and specialty in his field.

He also required the clinic be completely operational within a precise timeframe, ensuring he and his team had sufficient time to set up the functionality of the clinic, ready to open to the public.

A key consideration of the build was the location of the clinic. The construction works would occur in a fully tenanted building with other active businesses in surrounding buildings.


Mr. Milne involved Baxter Projects (Baxter) to design and fit-out the 190m2 medical clinic for VLC.

Baxter made sure to engage Mr. Milne in a variety of elements throughout the project, vital to ensure the brief and expectations were thoroughly executed.

This included weekly meetings where reports were provided on construction progress plus detailed design drawings for Mr. Milne’s review. Proactively evaluating the finer points over the course of the project played a crucial role in achieving an exceptional outcome.

As Mr. Milne wanted to achieve a luxurious and upscale clinic, Baxter made certain to only source the highest quality materials, fixtures and fittings. This accentuated the high-end feel that was achieved at project conclusion.

One of Baxter’s highest priorities during the build was regular job site cleaning to minimise dust output for neighbouring businesses. Any exceptionally noisy or dusty works were completed out of business hours to reduce overall disturbance.

Implementing such stringent procedures meant adjacent businesses remained open and uninterrupted throughout the VLC build.

At the end of the project, Baxter provided Mr. Milne with a handover manual complete with all compliance certificates and warranties.


Baxter successfully delivered a brand new, high-end medical clinic for VLC. Mr. Milne was delighted with the end result and satisfied with the timeframe and budget in which the project was complete.

“Baxter Projects was very professional in the way they operated, both on site and in the office. They answered any questions in a timely manner and were open with any changes or troubles that arose during the build”.

– Peter Y. Milne
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