Monash University Clayton is located in Melbourne, Victoria and is Monash University’s largest campus globally.

First established in 1958, Monash University Clayton (Monash) educates more than 30,000 students every year.


An existing lavatory and stairwell used in the science area of the University required upgrading and refurbishment due to constant usage of the facilities by students and staff.

Monash wanted to achieve a comfortable and opulent space for the biology department, as well as restoring the existing stairwell in the same area.


Monash selected Baxter Projects (Baxter) to execute the upgrades to the lavatory area, having confidence in Baxter’s ability to meet their stringent requirements and achieve the desired outcome.

Because of the distinct vision Monash had for the area, Baxter made sure to keep relevant people up-to-date and involved throughout the refurbishment works. This ensured an excellent outcome that surpassed their expectations.

Towards completion of the building process, Baxter utilised fixtures and fittings of the highest quality in the lavatory to ensure a high-end finish. This included specialised restroom signage and unique door handles and shower fittings. The existing stairwell was complete with glass balustrading that accurately complimented the new lavatory.

Upon project conclusion, Baxter provided Monash a handover manual with all compliance certificates, completed to University standards. Monash has a set list of building requirements to ensure they always have updated asset information with approved file types. Baxter made sure to properly document every building stage with all installed assets included in the handover manual.


Baxter delivered a reinvigorated and luxurious lavatory for Monash students and staff, complete with a shower for their convenience and, in addition, a restored stairwell leading to that particular section of the campus.

“Baxter Projects were very professional in the way they conducted themselves on site and in the office. They answered all our questions and kept us informed throughout the whole project when problems arose”.

– Monash University Clayton
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