Manningham General Practice


Manningham General Practice (MGP) is a private medical practice located in Lower Templestowe in Melbourne’s East.

MGP offers a comprehensive suite of services including travel health, women’s and men’s health, immunisation, fertility, sexual health, minor surgeries, radiology, pathology and pharmacy.

MGP prides itself on being friendly to all patients with world class doctors and experienced staff. They are committed to be the leading provider in health care for the local community.


When MGP discovered part of its exterior building contained illegal combustible cladding on the exterior, they urgently wanted it removed. In order to meet compliant standards, they required the façade to be replaced with new cladding.

As MGP would remain open throughout the works, it was imperative the construction did not disrupt any practice operations or compromise on patient and staff safety.


MGP engaged Baxter Projects (Baxter) due to the experience and knowledge of the team in the medical space.

Baxter’s number one priority throughout the building works
was communication with practice management and doctors. Keeping an open line of communication ensured very little interruption was caused to patients and staff. If at any time entries or exits were closed, or sections of the car park area were being used for building equipment, adequate signage was displayed to assure everyone was safe and informed.

Practice doctors showed concerns with trades having visibility inside consultation rooms when working on particular areas of the facade. Baxter addressed their concerns by providing a strict project timeline highlighting when and where the boom lift was being operated. This allowed doctors to work around Baxter’s schedule and use consultation rooms that were not in sight.

Removal of the old cladding was an important stage of the project because it was deemed flammable. Baxter disposed of it onsite following strict safety measures by utilising a separate bin and not allowing any hot works to occur during the break down process. After all flammable cladding was removed from the façade, a third party was contracted to remove the bin. Unfortunately, the cladding could not be recycled due to the flammable rubber compound between the layers of aluminum.

The cladding Baxter used to replace the façade is called Vitradual by Fairview Architectural. It was selected for its consistent look with the remaining cladding on the building and its standard of compliance.


Baxter effectively removed and disposed the old combustible cladding and replaced it with compliant material with no major disruption to practice operations. The new façade was closely matched to existing cladding, giving MGP a seamless and unaltered look.

“Baxter Projects handled this project safely and with extreme professionalism. They were a pleasure to deal with and kept us informed throughout the whole process”.

– Richard McOmish, Associate Director
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