Kilbreda College is a Catholic secondary college for girls located in the Bayside suburb of Mentone, Melbourne.

Acknowledging their facilities needed to be more efficient, Kilbreda College engaged Crosier Scott Architects to facilitate multiple electrical upgrades in order to better service their 1,300 students.


Due to the amount of power Kilbreda College demands every day, Crosier Scott Architects identified installation of a new power kiosk, as well as upgrades to existing switchboards, as being the most beneficial changes to the school. A new power kiosk would provide Kilbreda College with an upgraded power supply, allowing the school to run more efficiently without power dropouts.

The project also presented a complex time restriction as it had to be completed within a very specific two-week window. This was due to the examination period that was already scheduled to commence at the beginning of the school term.


Crosier Scott Architects worked alongside Baxter Projects (Baxter) to complete the multifaceted electrical upgrades at Kilbreda College.

The most important consideration for Baxter was completing the upgrade works while complying with the extensive amount of building regulations involved with power kiosk installation. Baxter achieved this with careful and precise project management, ensuring the trades met all requirements throughout each stage of the project.

A challenge that Baxter overcame during the project was the limited time allocated to complete the upgrade works. With just a two-week period over school holidays, Baxter made sure all trades were equipped to complete the job on time without compromising Baxter’s quality standards.

Due to the amount of intricacies involved in the project, Baxter remained open in their communications at all times, with all parties involved. The skills and experience of the Baxter project management team was imperative to the schedule and steadiness of the works.


Baxter achieved a great result for Kilbreda College, successfully installing a completely new power kiosk and upgrades to existing switchboards, giving the school an improved and continuous power supply.

The project was carried out entirely during school holidays, ensuring no disruption was made to school operations and that everything was functioning properly for the scheduled examination period.

“Baxter Projects made sure they covered the extensive list of all regulations that comes with this type of work. They completed the upgrades before exams, which was critical for us”.

– Crosier Scott Architects
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